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The love story of the cf spirit fox should wear a ring to become a fox. Clear eyes, neat short hair, graceful waist, sexy body, flexible thinking, agile skills, their appearance once again gives people a bright feeling. They have hardly participated in any drills, but they have been able to complete every task without impeccable. They are the soul foxes who have disappeared for a long time Fake Van cleef bracelet Jewelry. The beautiful women in this organization make good use of various weapons and are good at cooperating with each other, but in order to avoid confrontation with the hunter-hunters, they tend to disperse, and they will appear collectively at a certain time several times. Fox hunters and other outside organizations must be wary of them, and they are said to have reappeared collectively in 2010. The gentle night rose once became a hot spot for the players Replica Van cleef bracelet, and their cleverness and wisdom are also quite appreciated. But this can’t help our powerful foxes. Their low-key actions often don’t attract the attention of the enemy. The light pace, the superhuman jump level, whether it is the cumbersome Gatling machine gun, or any one is difficult. The guns that are operated, as long as they are in the hands of the spirit foxes, are naturally fluent in the posture of the guns, and the weapons are also well-behaved in the hands of the humans. Since the fox-hunter’s driving, the female characters of ‘Crossing the FireWire’ have become more and more brave. They are not only charming, but also have superior combat strength! Now the more charming Linghu will also meet you in the fire line breakout version. She has a more feminine appearance than the crazy baby, has the same bravery as the fox hunter, and has a pure heart like a night rose. Will be a new highlight!