Why do we all want to buy the Vatican?

Is there anyone who doesn’t know his classic “four-leaf Grass” series when it mentions the Vatican?

We will think of four-leaf grass, four-leaf grass has become synonymous with the Vatican.

A long chain gold necklace with a four-leaf-grass pendant is the first “four-leaf Grass”

Since its inception, the necklace has become one of the favorites of many of the world’s most popular celebrities, almost all with a four-leaf-grass jewelry, Lyn Revson and Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor), the main jewelry collectors of the daily wear or gown gown, almost all can see the figure of four leaves. According to incomplete statistics, in the evening when walking into Madison Avenue probably calculate, the crowd of not less than 10 women wearing a Alhambra four-leaf grass necklace. From here, we can see that the four-leaf-grass of the Vatican is already one of the world-famous jewels. Do you want a four-leaf necklace, too?